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  Home > Customer Service > Help > Control Panel Help > Introduction to Webmail

Introduction to Webmail

Whatever your needs, at home or on the move, MECCA has the right emailing solution for you. Under our “Option” panel, we have developed all needs that can get messages the way you want!


Mecca Knows ABC…
The “Spell Checker Options” enables you to setup your own personal dictionary store and edit anytime you like.

Mecca With Multiple Identities—Personal Information Option
Our webmail system allows you to set several alternate email addresses. That is, when you are composing email, you are able to choose whichever email address you prefer.

Browsing—Display Preference

Show HTML Version By Default
This feature allows all HTML files be shown along with your mail message without saving them or opening another page first.

Auto Refresh Folder List
Mecca’s webmail will automatically update your folder(s) account for receiving any new emails by your preset time.

View Printable Email
It enables you to print email message without printing any browser frames or borders. It is printer friendly!

Classify all your emails into separate pages with 25 messages showing per page. That means your mail account will now be more organized and easy to locate messages.


Account Forward
Like cell phones, you could forward emails sent to your email account to another email account in which you check regularly. This way you could check all your emails from different accounts all in one account.

Mecca On Holiday—Vacation Message
Here you can submit an automatic reply message. Our new Vacation Message feature will automatically send a default text message you've written to those who send you emails during a time that you're out of the office or away on holiday. It's like a personal answering service! When you return, just shut the Auto-Responder off and return messages as usual.

Mecca Rings The Bell—New Mail Notification
This configures settings for playing sounds and/or showing popup windows when new mail arrives. With six different options to keep you in mind of new coming emails, your inbox emails will certainly not be missed.

Message Filters
Filtering enables messages with different criteria to be automatically filtered into different folders for easier organization.

Which translator should be used when you get messages in a different language? Get up to five translator tools for your choices. Plus you can also decide if you want the translation box displayed, and where it will be located.

There are many more features within. Take full advantage of your emailing solution with our offer! If you have further questions, feel free to write us an email at

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